O. S. Engines .21XZ-R On-Road ABC Engine With 21M Carburettor


The O.S. .21XZ-R On-Road ABC Engine is designed to take drivers to victory at major 1:8 scale on-road championship races. The tungsten-weighted crankshaft creates optimum balance for consistent low and mid-speed torque while the cylinder liner features seven scavenger ports and three exhaust ports for more efficient combustion.

  • The crankcase and 21M carburetor are newly designed
  • Lighter piston
  • More durable con rod
  • Specifications:
  • Displacement: .213 ci (3.49cc)
  • Bore: .640 in (16.27mm)
  • Stroke: .661 in (16.8mm)
  • Practical RPM: 4,000 – 45,000 rpm
  • Power Outlet: 2.7 hp/33,000 rpm
  • Weight: 12.32 oz (348g)

OSMG2040  O.S. 21XZ-R On-Road ABC Engine with 21M Carb.  Retail: $699.99  Street:$429.99

Available: Late October

For more information please visit: www.osengines.com


Source: OS Engines

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