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Nosram Electric Power!

This is for all your electric fans out there! A full page packed with all of Nosrams high-performance electric goodies!

Nosram is proud to offer everything you will ever need to power your electric vehicles to racing success! Competition electric motors, speed controls, LiPo batteries, chargers, micro racing, sensored-sensorless, you name it – Nosram has it!

World Championship winning brushless technology – Nosram is the next evolution of electric racing!

Electric Power!

Set-up your electric car for amazing power output. Nosram offers high performance electric motors for many particular purposes – World class level racing – club racing – parking lot racing. The Nosram PURE Evolution brushless modified and SpecRacing motor series is designed for maximum power and highest possible top-speed in top-level modified and stock racing.
With Nosram’s Dragon brushless Sports Modified it has never been so easy to get into the world of brushless motor racing. Take advantage of the latest brushless technology: maximum power and maintenance free!


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Spare and Tuning parts

Nosram offers multiple of different spare and tuning parts for your electric motors. Always have your electric motor in best shape for any type of racing condition. Check out the electric motor accessories, where you will find tuning rotors, lightweight parts, low friction ball bearings, etc.


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Electronic Speed Controls

The superior Nosram brushless technology is conquering the market by storm all over the world now and the Nosram brushless systems are at the forefront of leading technology featuring extraordinary power and super smooth throttle response! The Nosram Pearl speedos combine the experience of European and World Champions to make them the ultimate speed controls for brushless technology!


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Electric Brushless Combos

Nosram brushless technology took an historical win at the IFMAR WC 2008 in 1/12th to become the first ever brushless World Champion with the Pearl Evo speedo and PURE Evo Modified motor. Nosram brushless systems are the leading technology featuring extraordinary power and super smooth throttle response! Our brushless combos offer best performance for attractive pricing. Get started – the future is now!


90770 90781 90583

LiPo Power Source

X-treme power, X-treme runtime!
Experience the advantage of LiPo technology for your RC model. VTEC continues to offer everything a racer needs to win. Nosram offers high-performance LiPo batteries specially developed for maximum power delivery and lowest internal resistance. VTEC is now conquering the LiPo battery market with a full line of top-notch LiPo batteries and LiPo X-treme hardcase batteries. In addition, Nosram also offers LiPo batteries as transmitters and receiver packs. No more empty receiver packs or dying transmitters during racing!


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LiPo RX-Regulators

Mandatory voltage regulator for use with LiPo receiver batteries in RC cars. Cuts down the battery voltage from 7.4V to the needed 6.0V for the receiver.
6.0V/5.0A – 6.0V/10.0A


95010 95000

Micro Racing

Nearly illegal xtreme power for all micro cars! Nosram is proud to present a full range of high-performance products, especially developed for the popular micro cars. A line of high-performance products with the genes of the ultra-successful Nosram world championship winning technology.


96500 90250 99963

Charge / Discharge

Charging at highest level. Nosram is proud to present the evolution in RC battery charging – discharging – the stealth battery + motor management. The stealth evolution raises the level for top-end competition chargers into a new dimension. The perfect tool for the professional RC racer!


91552 93150 91370

Nosram Tyres and Accessories

No more sliding cars! VTEC tyres are the leading tires when it comes to high-quality, consistent and reliable handout tyres for touring car racing!


65031 65071 96010 95120


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