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Shepherd Micro Racing are pleased to announce the release of the new Velox V10 1:10 scale 200mm chassis. Designed with the help of current World Champion Daniele Ielasi, the car has already been proving its performance on tracks around the World, finishing runner up at this year’s ROAR Nationals in the hands of Josh Cyrul and winning the competitive Asian Cup in Bangkok driven by Jilles Groskamp. Seen for the first time as a one-off prototype at the 2009 International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, the chassis has undergone a lot of fine tuning in preparation for its public release.


Shepherd Micro Racing’s Velox V10 is packed with loads of innovative features, most seen for the first time on a 1:10 nitro on-road car. First and foremost the chassis is equipped with Shepherd’s innovative ‘Direct-V-Brake System’ (DVB System) that sees the brake discs sit directly on the rear differential allowing for a more precise feel without the fear of brake fade during a run. Different from current designs that sport a single brake disc on the middle layshaft, the V10’s DVB System sits directly on the rear bulkhead close to the chassis’ centre line for optimised weight distribution.


The V10 is designed with ease of adjustment and maintenance in mind. This is reflected in the use of Shepherd’s revolutionary Quick Roll Centre adjustment system that was first seen on the company’s Velox 1:8 scale on-road chassis. The upper pivot pins sit in special upper A-arm mounts that locate the pivot pins with vertically mounted grub screws, allowing for easy set-up adjustments without the need to use additional parts or inserts. The same ease of adjustment applies to the central servo saver which is adjustable, both in position within the chassis as well as in length of reach, by only a single screw.


Just like the 1:8 scale Velox the smaller scale V10 comes with the ‘Velox Revolutionary Shock System’ (VRS System), which are specially designed hard coated aluminium shock absorbers with treated shock bodies and a neat volume compensating system that sports a spring loaded expansion chamber in place of the usual rubber diaphragm or foam compensator. The idea is to get a damper that can easily absorb small bumps, keeping the tyres on the track even in difficult track conditions for added corner speed.


Another feature borrowed from its bigger brother is the ‘Velox Competition Clutch’ which has been adapted from the 1:8 scale chassis, but with an extra strong spring specifically for the V10. Right beside the clutch assembly is where the improved lightweight two speed gearbox is located whose intelligent design does away with the need to readjust the engine position after a gear change. Adjusting the belt tension on the V10 is as easy as 1-2-3, as the inserts that hold the lightweight front and rear axles are held in place with a minimum of parts ensuring the quickest possible way to change the setting of the drive train without the need to disassemble parts of the bulkheads.


Shepherd uses only the highest quality materials throughout the chassis like 7075 T6 aluminium for the chassis, blue anodised aluminium for bulkheads and hinge pin brackets, premium carbon fibre for the radio plate and shock towers as well as high quality plastic for the wishbones, steering blocks and uprights. The design allows for maximum durability while maintaining a low weight and a perfect front to rear balance. Of course Shepherd’s Velox V10 is fully adjustable in terms of front and rear roll centres, wheelbase, track width, caster and camber, down stops and steering geometry to make it the best handling 1:10 scale 200mm nitro on-road car available today.


Overview Of Shepherd Velox V10 Features

  • Innovative ‘Direct-V-Brake System’
  • Front and rear CVDs included
  • Extra stability by rear upper wishbone
  • Downstop separately adjustable in the front
  • Easy differential maintenance
  • Adjustable servo saver for quick Ackerman adjustment
  • Adjustable servo saver position
  • Well-proven ‘Velox Revolutionary Shock System’
  • ‘Velox Competition Clutch’ with extra strong spring
  • Hard-coated aluminium pinions
  • Front and rear belt tension adjustable without disassembly
  • Adjustable front anti-roll bar
  • Improved lightweight 2-Speed gearbox
  • Changing gears without needing to re-adjust the engine block
  • Precision machined 7075 T6 aluminium chassis plate
  • Blue anodized aluminium bulkheads and hinge pin brackets
  • Shock towers made of premium German carbon fibre
  • Super flat, vibration free, top mounted fuel tank
  • Quick roll-centre adjustment in the front and rear
  • Wheel axles mounted from the outside for easy maintenance and set-up
  • Adjustable front and rear off-set


Source: Team Shepherd


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