Team Associated Factory Team Blue Aluminium Screw Sets


Factory Team Blue Aluminium Screw Kits reduce weight for better acceleration and handling, while the blue anodising adds high-tech bling. Even cars already at the minimum weight can benefit. A lightweight car allows ballast to be placed in the optimum position for different track conditions and equal left-to-right weight distribution.

Available for Team Associated 12R5/12R5.1, 10R5, and 10R5 Oval, these complete sets of 65, 66, and 78 screws replace the heavy stock steel screws and can be fitted to any vehicle that uses metric hardware.

  • #8557     FT 12R5/12R5.1 Aluminium Screw Kit, 65 Screws     $31.99
  • #8558     FT 10R5 Aluminium Screw Kit, 66 Screws     $32.99
  • #8559     FT 10R5 Oval Aluminium Screw Kit, 78 Screws     $36.99


Source: Team Associated

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