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Grenit is pleased to announce that the RC AudioTimer 3.0, which speaks and records lap times, is now fully compatible with the HUI Driver software from item software systems. The lap times stored in the RC AudioTimer can now be easily transferred to the software and used to further analyse your set-up and simulate your races.

HUI Driver is described as the world’s only software for keeping track of all set-up related data. It also lets users tie in track and car information, as well as link all of that information to lap times and set-ups. The combination of HUI Driver software and RC Audio-Timer 3.0 makes for a unique and very powerful tool to make sure you get the most out of every training session. At the track, the lap times spoken directly in your ear will improve your driving style right away, whilst after driving you can compare set-ups and lap times on your computer.


After every training session, the stored lap times are transferred directly into item software’s HUI Driver. There, you can compare the different set-ups used with your lap times, and easily find ways to improve your car and your driving. All of the pertinent information is accessible through one clear interface, which also provides the infomation for the HUI Driver race simulator.

The RC AudioTimer 3.0 is a revolutionary new way to keep track of lap times in real-time. The system gives direct audio feedback on lap times as the driver is racing, thereby providing invaluable information on driving performance and car setup.

HUI Driver is unique in the world of RC racing. It supports the driver in documenting any set-up change in a chronological way. It also allows for the logging of lap times, design of set-up sheets, and technical plugins support drivers from training to race planning and simulation.

More information on the RC AudioTimer 3.0 can be found on More information on item software systems HUI Driver at:

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Grenit Performance AB is an innovative company, located in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to the development and sale of timing equipment and RC-related accessories. The company was started in 2007 with the development of the RC Audio-Timer, by two entrepreneurs who continue to develop new products and refine existing ones. More information at

About Item Software

item software systems Gmbh is a software development company based in Germany, specializing in products for race timing. For more information, visit


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