Xceed XS Clutch For 1:10 Gas On-Road


XceedRC now have this new XS clutch available for 1:10 gas on-road applications. The clutch’s main overview sees that it is extra small and light, high performance, centrifugal axial clutch and that it fits all popular 1:10 scale gas on-road cars.

Clutch bells available for Mugen, Xray, Serpent and later Kyosho cars. These are lightened versions in tough, durable steel and are precision machined giving a super bearing fit. The bells also accept the standard pinion gears of the various brands.


xcd-xs-mugbell-LR xcd-xs-sptbell-LR xcd-xs-xraybell-LR

The clutches are made using high quality aluminium and steel parts and have a superb quality yellow shoe material and flyweights. They also come with a hard spring and top-quality bearings. All this adds up to a clutch that is lighter than most standard clutches, combined with superb performance.

  • 108230    XceedRC XS clutch 1:10 without bell
  • 108243    XceedRC XS clutch bell Xray
  • 108244    XceedRC XS clutch bell SPT
  • 108245    XceedRC XS clutch bell Mugen
  • 108246    XceedRC XS clutch bell Kyosho

Source: XceedRC

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