Kyosho Success At Illinois State Race


Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Adam Rayls and Ben Ellis attended the 13th Annual Illinois State Race, at Rectors RC Raceway in Alboin IL.

On Saturday was Stock Class Day, Adam was able to secure the TQ and win in the stock truck class. He was also able to get the TQ in stock buggy and finished third. In stock 4WD, Adam qualified in second and finished third.

On Sunday for Mod Day, Ben Ellis was able to grab the TQ in 2WD Mod, Adam qualified second. Adam got TQ in Mod truck, Ben qualified second. In the mains Adam was able to get out to and early lead in all three classes and couldn’t be passed. Adam went on to sweep all three classes in the Mains. Ben Ellis finished second in 2WD and 4WD.

Stock Truck:

  • 1     Adam Rayls (TQ)     Kyosho RT5
  • 2     Gary Fanning     AE
  • 3     Craig Karcher     AE

Stock Buggy:

  • 1     Jacob Robins     AE
  • 2     Chris Shieldsmith     Hot Bodies
  • 3     Adam Rayls (TQ)     Kyosho RB5-SP

Stock 4WD:

  • 1     Jacob Robins (TQ)     AE
  • 2     Adam Rayls     Kyosho Lazer ZX5-FS
  • 3     Chris Shieldsmith      Hot Bodies

Mod Truck:

  • 1     Adam Rayls (TQ)     Kyosho RT5
  • 2     Jacob Robins     AE
  • 3     Robbie Cold     AE

2WD Mod:

  • 1     Adam Rayls     Kyosho RB5-SP
  • 2     Ben Ellis (TQ)     Kyosho RB5-SP
  • 3     Chris Shieldsmith     Hot Bodies

4WD Mod:

  • 1     Adam Rayls     Kyosho Lazer ZX5-FS
  • 2     Ben Ellis     Kyosho Lazer ZX5-FS
  • 3     Jacob Robins (TQ)     AE


Source: Kyosho America

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