LRP 7.4V 25C Power/Hyper Hardcase Packs


With the new LiPo line everybody can profit from the extraordinary battery technology from the LRP factory. The new fresh blue newcomer sets a new benchmark among stick packs. Exceptional strong power and long runtime together with lowered weight – this high-performance battery has the same potential as its expert line counterpart. The cell is mounted in a durable hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material for maximum safety. The LiPos at the same time feature the same dimensions as standard 6-cell Sub-C stick packs for an easy and flexible application. With vertical bulges on the back side of the hardcase, the battery fits perfectly into any chassis and ensures to be kept stable on its position in any situation.



  • LiPo Power – no memory effect, extremely long lifetime
  • Same dimensions as a standard Sub-C 6 cell stick pack
  • Ready-to-use complete with Tamiya-style connectors
  • Durable hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material for maximum safety
  • All-purpose
  • Best value for money
  • Gold coated connector contact for lowest transfer resistance
  • Tested LRP quality, e.g. endurance-tested over 400 continuous charge and discharge cycles

79891    LRP LiPo Power Pack 3000 – 7.4V – 25C – Stickpack Hardcase

79892    LRP LiPo Hyper Pack 3500 – 7.4V – 25C – Stickpack Hardcase


Source: LRP

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