Reedy RT3/RT4 Turbo Glow Plugs In Stock And Shipping


Reedy RT3 and RT4 Turbo glow plugs are designed for turbo head competition engines such as the Reedy 121VR and most other brands of .18 – .28 turbo head engines.


Easy engine starting, consistent tuning, smooth idling, and excellent power output are attributes that make Reedy plugs an excellent choice for racers or for backyard enthusiasts that seek reliable engine operation.

  • Suitable for use with RC car fuels with nitro contents between 20% and 30%, Reedy
  • Turbo glow plugs come in two heat ranges for maximum performance in most conditions.
  • For comparison, the RT3/RT4 performs similarly to the O.S. P3/P4.

#28040     Reedy RT3 Turbo Glow Plug, very hot     $15.99 ea.

#28041     Reedy RT4 Turbo Glow Plug, hot     $15.99 ea.


Source: Team Associated


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