1:10 E-Revo Style LiPo Batteries From Team Orion


Now you can equip your 1:10 E-Revo style car with LiPo power. Team Orion has developed a special hardcase form to be able to put a maximum of capacity into the battery compartment. The battery with the registered design of the carbon look hardcase enables you to use the revolutionary Carbon Molecular LiPo technology with up to 45C of discharge and 3C charge in your truck.



  • Carbon Molecular LiPo technology
  • Registered Carbon-look hardcase design
  • Up to 7000mAh of capacity
  • Up to 45C
  • Up to 11.1V of voltage
  • 12AWG ultra flexible silicone wires
  • Three different skins are delivered with the Carbon XX battery packs which enables you to choose your style and replace worn labels!


Perfect Shape – Perfect fit!

The Team Orion Carbon LiPo high performance LiPo battery capacity is maximised thanks to it’s revolutionary shape which fills up all the available space in the battery compartment.


Team Orion 1:10 E-Revo LiPo Range

  • ORI14140 Hi-Output Carbon LiPo 6400 35C 7.4V
  • ORI14141 Hi-Output Carbon LiPo 7000 35C 7.4V
  • ORI14142 Hi-Output Carbon LiPo 5200 40C 7.4V
  • ORI14143 Hi-Output Carbon LiPo 4000 45C 11.1V
  • ORI14144 Hi-Output Carbon LiPo 4700 45C 11.1V



Source: Team Orion

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