The Once Over…Losi Mini Desert Racers



The latest Losi Desert Racers are offered as either a truck or buggy.

Losi broke new ground some six years ago when they launched the Mini-T. This really was the truck that kick started the micro off-road scene, coming first as a Ready-To-Run version, then later in as the Pro, a kit version aimed at those wanting to race. Losi have stuck with the tried and tested platform though so over Christmas, in between stuffing turkey, opening multiple presents containing new socks and drinking far too much, we thought we would have a play with the two latest incarnations, the Mini Desert Truck and Buggy.


The chassis shows its Mini-T roots, a simple effective design.



Our review buggy came with the latest 2.4GHz radio system.




A battery and mains type charger are included.

These mini racers come with a good solid specification straight from the box, they are also pretty complete including both battery and mains type charger…there are even AA batteries in the box for the radio systems!


The buggy came with a separate speed controller and 2.4Ghz receiver.



The truck however had a combined 27mHz receiver/speed controller module.

Interestingly, our review samples included different radio systems for the buggy and truck. Our truck had a 27mHz radio whilst the buggy came with the latest Spektrum based 2.4GHz system…why this is, we do not know…


The truck and buggy have quite a few differences, their wheels being one obvious one.



The rear gearbox contains a geared differential as well as a slipper clutch.

Both the buggy and truck are based on the original Mini-T and there are subtle differences between the two to mount the bodies etc., along with wheels and tyres. Both chassis feature the same rear wheel drive transmission which includes a geared type differential and ballraces. These both improve performance and help increase the life of rotating parts.


A 280 sized brushed motor gives the power for both cars.



Coil over, oil-filled shocks feature at all four corners on both models.

A 280 sized brushed motor provides the power for each car. This is the same size as the original Mini-T but with the better battery pack, performance is improved. The chassis spec is also up to par, both the buggy and truck now have coil over oil filled dampers at all four corners.


Running either of these cars couldn’t be easier, they are a true ‘one box’ solution. Buy one and there is everything you need. We just cracked them open, charged up the main battery packs and fitted the AA batteries to the radios and we were off. Whilst the 280 sized motor won’t propel either of these at warp speed, they were plenty fast enough to be fun around the house. Take them out in the open though and a further dose of speed may be needed for some…perfect time to reach for the options list which has an Xcelorin Brushless option on it. Minty.


Read the full Thrash Test on the Losi Mini Desert Racers in the forthcoming March 2010 issue of Racer Magazine.


  • Model: Losi Mini-Desert Truck/Mini-Desert Buggy
  • Scale:   1:18
  • Class:   Off-Road
  • Application:   Fun
  • Format:   RTR
  • Power:   Electric
  • Chassis:   Moulded
  • Drivetrain:   2WD
  • Transmission:   Geared
  • Differential:   Gear-type
  • Shocks:   Plastic/oil-filled
  • Bearings/Bushes:   Bushes and bearings

What’s Included:

  • Transmitter:   Losi 27MHz AM (Truck)/Losi 2.4GHz (Desert Buggy)
  • Receiver:   Losi Combined ESC/Receiver (Truck)/Losi 2.4GHz (Buggy)
  • Servo:   Losi Digital
  • Speedo:   Losi MRX-R14 Combined ESC/Receiver (Truck)/Losi (Buggy)
  • Motor:   RS280
  • Battery:   Losi 1100mAh NiMh

More Info Link: Horizon Hobby UK

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