ProtoForm’s Monti Panzica TQ’s And Wins The BRL Series




As always the BRL series is a great show case of talent and close racing across the Mid-West or what I refer to the Big Ten states for all of the sports fans. This year’s series was under new leader ship of Chuck Klienhagen and his son Chuck Jr. The finals took place at S/N Trackside in Milwaukee, WI.

ProtoForm bodies dominated the event with almost every racing in attendance running one! Going into this weekend I had TQ’ed and won the past two BRL races I attended and had a nine-point lead. During the coarse of the weekend I was able to again TQ and win the finals using the ProtoForm THD body. I feel for this racing season the THD body has been hard to beat even with the introduction of the CHD body. With the changes in rules and single cell racing for oval the THD allows the car to turn more coming off the corner letting you carry more corner speed.

I want to say thanks again to ProtoForm for all of their help and support for my second BRL championship in a row.

ProtoForm Driver Monti Panzica


Source: Pro-Line



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