Xray T3 Dominates CML Carpet Masters Stafford

After a very hard fought series the Xray T3 came out victorious in both the 10.5 and 13.5 categories. In the two 10.5 A finals young gun Ryan Edwards pushed fellow Xray driver Dave Ward for the full five minutes of both races with less than a second between both drivers through out the duration. Adam Meakin at one point was out for the spoils as he pushed very hard in the second final.


Adam Meakin, Dave Ward, Ryan Edwards

10.5 A Final Result

  • 1 Dave Ward
  • 2 Ryan Edwards
  • 3 Adam Meakin

…with the overall series finishing in the same order.

In the 13.5 it was a similar story for the T3 drivers with Xray drivers taking the first four places


Tommy Bates, Jake Williams

13.5 A Final Result

  • 1 Jake Williams
  • 2 Will Stewart
  • 3 Joshua Walker
  • 4 Tommy Bates

13.5 Overall Series Result

  • 1 Jake Williams
  • 2 Will Stewart
  • 3 Tommy Bates


Source: RC Disco



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