New Xray 64P Offset Spur Gears


x_305862 x_305866 x_305870

Xray presents new additions to their range of precision-moulded 64-pitch offset spur gears made from special hard composite material, strategically lightened to reduce rotating mass without compromising strength or durability. The addition of new 92T, 96T, and 100T gears allows you to further fine-tune your car’s performance. With these original Xray spur gears, you can race with confidence.

  • Precision-moulded 64-pitch offset spur gears
  • Strategically lightened to reduce rotating mass
  • Made from special hard composite material
  • Fits 1:10 touring cars

#305862 Composite Offset Spur Gear 92T / 64P

#305866 Composite Offset Spur Gear 96T / 64P

#305870 Composite Offset Spur Gear 100T / 64P


Team Xray products are available in the UK through RC Disco. Check out their website for more details at



Source: Team Xray



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