Core RC Off-Road Tyres And Inserts


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New this week to the Core RC range are these off-road tyres and moulded inserts.

The tyres are a soft compound suitable for dirt and general low traction conditions.

Included are the matching lightweight red moulded insert.

Available in the two pattern styles Multi Bow and Multi Block in 4WD front and rear.

  • CR143    Multi Bow; 1:10 Off-Road Rear    £7.99
  • CR144    Multi Bow; 1:10 Off-Road 4WD Front    £7.49
  • CR145    Multi Block; 1:10 Off-Road Rear    £7.99
  • CR146    Multi Block; 1:10 Off-Road 4WD Front    £7.49


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The lightweight red moulded inserts are also available separately.

These have been tested extensively by some of our top team drivers and were used to great effect at the BRCA British Open with Simon Moss taking the victory!

  • CR141    Red Moulded Insert; 1:10 Off-Road Rear    £2.99
  • CR142    Red Moulded Insert; 1:10 Off-Road 4WD Front    £2.99


Source: Schumacher



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