LRP S10 Blast BX – Tuning Guide

Check out the S10 Blast BX Tuning Guide. Tune your S10 Blast BX 1:10 electric off-road car to your specific demands. The S10 Blast BX RTR kit is the perfect start for your racing career. The standard kit offers all you need to start racing straight out-of-the-box. Pre-mounted and ready-to-race, the S10 Blast BX offers driving pleasure and high-performance quality components – the fun can start directly when you open the kit package.

But as you learn and progress as R/C driver your skills and ambitions will increase. Should you have even higher ambitions, LRP offers numerous different tuning and options parts – S10 Blast Standard-, Sport- or Pro tuning. With this possibility everyone can adjust the S10 to its specific demands and wishes. In the following you can see an easy to understand tuning guide of what you need to upgrade your S10 Blast BX if your ambitions in the R/C scene get higher.


See the tuning guide on LRP’s website by CLICKING HERE

To see our online review of the LRP S10 Blast BX here on CLICK HERE

LRP products are available in the UK through Spire Model Distribution. Check out their website for more details at


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