New Victory RC Tuning Pipe For HPI Baja 5B


King Cobra is the sole UK importer and Distributor for Victory RC Tuning and they are pleased to offer the most powerful tuning pipe yet to fit the HPI Baja 5B.

If you have read the forums, you can’t fail to be impressed with the massive power claims made about this pipe by various contributors who have tested it. When King Cobra’s sample pipe arrived, they dropped it onto their own Baja 5B. This is just a standard RTR version Baja, but they fitted one of their own 26cc cylinder conversions to it to make it a 26cc engine.


So what they had was a standard untuned but 26cc engine. When the car was started it sounded great – but what they were not expecting was for the car to just fly away from us at a speed not seen before.

King Cobra will fit this to a 23cc powered buggy and test that next as they have read that the power increase on a standard 23cc engine is incredible too.


This pipe is absolutely awesome! Forget tuned engines – just bung one of these Victory tuning pipes onto your Baja 5B and be amazed at the increase in power (tested at well over 5.5BHP).

Available from King Cobra now at £180.00 (including vat) for the complete system as shown here. Cheaper than a tuned engine – and probably a lot more reliable too (nothing to go wrong or wear out)!


There are two versions of this pipe – one is silenced, and one is not. The unsilenced one is deafening, and is not suitable for use in this country, and strangely, it is not as powerful as the silenced version shown here in the pictures.

Like the new pipe from Samba – it does not have to be loud to be fast, the best performance pipes are now sounding great, but are not noisy.


Source: King Cobra



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