Tresrey 2010 Off-Road Race Round 2


54 racers attended.

Tresrey 2010 Off-Road Race Round 2 was held on May 2, 2010 at TRS circuit, Matsusaka-city, Mie-pref. 54 racers joined the race making it the best attended race (again) that the TRS circuit has ever had for an off-road event. 49 cars raced in the 2WD class and 44 cars raced in the 4WD class, including 13 DEX410s.

Takashi Nobuhara got TQ for both 2WD and 4WD classes.


Team Durango DEX410 Owners club.

In 2WD class, Takashi Nobuhara won the race by pole-to-finish, Hideki Nakajima as 2nd with Noriyuki Kawashima 3rd. Team Durango/Speed Passion Japan team driver Minoru Utsugi was 8th in qualifying and finished 4th in the final. were 13 DEX410s in 4WD class, and 5 of them made the final A-main.


It says “Welcome Team Tresrey!”

Team Durango/Speed Passion Japan team driver Kazuki Sasatsu, started from 3rd position, and eventually won the race ahead of Kyoji Minagawa, with Team Durango Japan “Local support driver” Akihiro Yasuda in 3rd with his DEX410. Minoru Utsugi finished 5th, Akira Ema finished 7th and Satoshi Kawano finished 10th driving DEX410s.


Kazuki Sasatsu’s DEX410 with Tresrey Gainabull body.


Akihiro Yasuda’s DEX410 with Tresrey Gainabull body.


2WD class podium Winner:Takashi Nobuhara(center), 2nd:Nideki Nakajima(left), and 3rd:Noriyuki Kawashima (right).


4WD class podium Winner:Kazuki Sasatsu(center), 2nd: Kyoji Minagawa(left), and 3rd: Akihiro Yasuda (right).


Lucky draw. Got DEX410R kit exchange tickets.

After the award ceremony, Tresrey held a “Big Draw”. Prizes included two DEX410R kit exchange tickets, Axial kits and Speed Passion ESCs and motors.


Source: Tresrey



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