Jörn Neumann Back to Durango


After three years of racing for different manufacturers, Jörn Neumann, the 2010 World Championship A finalist has decided to re-join one of his former teams for 2011 in the form of Durango for 1:10 off-road. This sees Jörn go back to his roots as at 13 years of age, he was one of the first drivers for Team Durango and won the 2004 European Championships and in 2007 he made the A final at the World Championships in Japan. From now on, with the support of Team Durango and Gerd Strenge, Jörn will race the DEX410 and the upcoming DEX210. Jörn’s first race will be the Petit RC race in the UK followed by the Reedy Invitational in the USA at the end of January. Durango hope that with Jörn’s driving skills and Gerd’s genius, they will be the combination to beat.
Click here to be taken to our videos page and see Jörn testing the Durango DEX210 prototype indoors in Austria.

Source: Durango

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