AllgäuTECH 1:8 and 1:10 Digital Tweakboard


AllgäuTECH is a determined company based in South Germany that has set itself the task of producing useful and inexpensive RC accessories not only for professionals but also for hobby racers.


Through the use of LiPo and power software of speed controllers and of the ever-increasing performance of nitro engines a perfect set up is essential. AllgäuTECH offer with their digital tweakboard the most perfect solution for RC cars in both 1:8 and 1:10 scales.


The digital tweakboard is made of a 16 mm thick MDF and has on one side a carbon look in combination with a 2 mm thick anodised aluminium frame that makes the tweakboard a real eyecatcher. The embedded digital scales with their blue display work accurately to 0.1 grams, the RC racer can now have no wish unfulfilled.


The inaccurate measurement of tweak has finally come to a successful end thanks to the AllgäuTECH digital board.


Source: AllgäuTECH



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