MIP Losi Ten-SCTE Pro4mance Chassis & Tuning Pak


MIP team driver Matt Olson took TQ and a double A final victory at the Top Gun Shootout with the new MIP Pro4mance Chassis and Tuning Pak on his Losi Ten-SCTE. The item (part number 12200) is designed for use with both the kit and RTR version and is more than just a chassis replacement. It’s a performance package, tuned by the MIP bold engineering team, that converts the Losi SCTE into an MIP Pro4 Tuned Race Truck. This kit shaves off nearly 225 grams of weight and rebalances the truck to give a stable smooth drive. All done with the re-engineered paintable chassis and cowling, shock towers, front springs and MIP Bypass1â„¢ pistons and valves. Each component in the assembly is manufactured in America using US grade material.
Here is a stop-motion build animation:


MIP Pro4mance chassis kit features:
7075 US machined chassis
Powder coated chassis
Re-configured centre diff, battery tray, speed control and servo layout
Light weight battery blocks and pocketed chassis
MIP high-pitch tuned front shock springs
MIP carbon fibre hybrid graphite tuned shock towers
MIP’s patent-pending Bypass1â„¢ technology included
Dubro and Lunsford steering components
New servo mounts
MIP cowling
Made in the USA

#12200 MIP Pro4mance Chassis & Tuning Kit

Source: MIP

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