Differential Oils From Team Shepherd


Especially for the front differential of the V10 many racers requested harder diff oils. Therefore Team Shepherd have extended their range of silicone oil to meet the racers demands. The following oils are now available: 200.00 cSt (#820320), 250.000 cSt (#820325), 300.000 cSt (#820330). The silicone oil was produced accordingly to Team Shepherd specifications and high quality standards. With these new oils it’s possible to fine-tune your V10 to different track conditions.

  • # 820320     Silicone Oil 200.000 cSt
  • # 820325     Silicone Oil 250.000 cSt
  • # 820330     Silicone Oil 300.000 cSt


Source: Team Shepherd



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