Hiro Seiko Machined Aluminium Steering Wheels


Hiro Seiko have released two new types of aluminium steering wheels for drivers who use steerwheel type radios, the six-spoke and the Solar. This now expands their range to eight different types.


Range: 5-Spoke, 18-Spoke, Y-Type, 6-Spoke, Solar, 10-Spoke, 20-Spoke, 8-Spoke

To see more, follow the links below:

Aluminium Steering Wheel Series: http://www.hiro-seiko.com/product.php?action=list_sub&cpid=23

Aluminium Steering Minus-Offset Wheel Series: http://www.hiro-seiko.com/product.php?action=list_sub&cpid=69


Source: Hiro Seiko



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