Federico Sala Wins Italian 2010 AMSCI Outdoor Championship


During the weekend of 29-30 May, the Italian racing elite travelled to Florence, in the heart of Italy for the 2010 AMSCI Italian outdoor championship.

There were 60 drivers attending the Italian outdoor championship, all divided into five different classes: E1 (which is the modified class), E2, E-Promotion, E-Junior and the fast growing Formula 1 class.


Having already secured the Italian Indoor Championship during the winter, LRP driver Federico Sala was the favourite for the outdoor title. Arriving already on Friday for some free practice and tuning of the car and motor, Federico immediately found a good chassis and power setup and felt confident heading into the race.


Powered by LRP VECTOR X12 5.0T Octa-Wind,  LRP SXX TC spec and LRP LiPo 5900 – 50C “Competition Car Line”. Federico Sala dominated the final completely, winning all 3 three finals with no real challenge from any other driver. A great year for Federico Sala, taking both the Italian Indoor and the Italian outdoor championship!


Modified Top Five

  • 1          Sala Federico      LRP SXX TC spec     LRP VECTOR X12 Octa-Wind 5.0T
  • 2          Alessio Menicucci       LRP SXX TC spec     LRP VECTOR X12 Octa-Wind 5.5T
  • 3          Francesco Martini       LRP SXX TC spec     LRP VECTOR X12 Octa-Wind 5.5T
  • 4          Michele Romagnoli     Speed Passion      Speed Passion
  • 5          Marco Gennari            LRP SXX TC spec     LRP VECTOR X12 Octa-Wind 5.0T

LRP products used by Federico Sala

  • 80950  LRP SXX TC spec
  • 50688  LRP VECTOR X12 Octa Wind Brushless Modified 5.0T
  • 79876  LRP LiPo Competition Car Line Hardcase 5300 – 50C
  • 41552  LRP Pulsar Competition 3
  • 65800  LRP High Power Soldering Station
  • 43150  LRP Power Supply 14 Amps
  • 45200  LRP Precision Parallel LiPo Balancer


Source: LRP



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