Yeah Racing Transformula Formula One Conversion Kit Coming Soon


Yeah Racing is having a very honourable opportunity to invite Mr. Hideo Kitazawa, the originator of Japan F1RCGP and active RC racer, to cooperate for the Formula One Conversion Kit project. Yeah Racing believe that the involvement of Mr. Hideo Kitazawa must bring the fever of Formula One all over the world in 2010.


Mr. Hideo Kitazawa is an active driver in RC field. He started RC cars when he was 10 years old. He is an ace in radio control car driving. In 2006, he first won the championship in the Japan Model Radio Control Car Association (JMRCCA). Mr. Hideo Kitazawa has since begun to organise the famous Formula One competition, The Formula 1 Radio Control Car Grand Prix (F1RCGP), all around Japan since 2009.


The First round of F1RCGP in 2010


The Second round of F1RCGP in 2010


The Third round of F1RCGP in 2010


The Fourth round of F1RCGP in 2010


The Fifth round of F1RCGP in 2010

Mr. Hideo Kitazawa is fascinated by Formula One since he started F1RCGP. It brought him to an idea of designing an Formula One car in order to satisfy all Formula One drivers’ need. The cooperation between Mr. Hideo Kitazawa and Yeah Racing makes the dream comes true. The highest performance of the Formula One Conversion Kit is now appearing in the RC field.

This Yeah Racing Transformula Conversion Kit is designed by Mr. Hideo Kitazawa. He understands that most of the current Formula One cars are using a T-bar system only. However a linkage system will perform better in bumpy circuits and be more aggressive at cornering as it carries more speed at the corner and reduces roll shock to battery layout. The advantage of this conversion kit now is combining both T-bar and linkage system so racers can choose either system according to the track conditions. Such marvellous functions are totally brand new in the RC market!

Moreover, the Kit is made in graphite and high quality aluminium. This makes the Kit much stronger and more durable and hence more suitable for the competition. Therefore, the Yeah Racing Formula One Conversion Kit is the best choice for you! More details soon…


Source: Yeah Racing



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