Madrid Modelismo Reports From The Euros B In Valladolid


Pro-Line’s Spanish distributor reports on the 1:8 off-road Euro B race in Valladolid. On Friday the perfect tyre choice was Pro-line’s Bow Tie M3. Due to the rain, the track had been completely covered with carpet, making the perfect conditions for the Bow-Tie. The tyre performed excellently, up to the point where Carlos Duraes was fastest, even running in much worst conditions than the favourite Spanish drivers. After Carlos’ result, many drivers switched to the Bow-Tie, finding that their lap times improved dramatically.


On Saturday the track went from completely flooded to more or less dry. In these variable conditions, the Bow-Tie was no longer the tyre to use. On the other hand many drivers started to use Caliber and Revolver. The Revolver was the one that adapted best to the surface of the track, which combined soil and concrete. What made the difference was the durability of the Revolver tyre. While other brands had difficulties to keep a constant pace during the qualifiers, Revolver lasted for enough time to cover the complete final. Despite not achieving TQ, 6 out of first 16 drivers in the semi finals used Pro-Line.


For the finals on Sunday, once again, the choice was between Caliber and Revolver. In the end, Carlos Duraes finished second with Pro-Line tyres and Adrian Perez third, making it two drivers on the podium.

Ramón Nuño (our driver) had some minimal problems but it was enough to keep him out of the semi finals. A shame, since on Friday he was sixth fastest and looked as if he could have achieved a good result.


Source: Pro-Line



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