New Saddle Pack Chassis From X Factory


X Factory releases today a new chassis for the X-6 Squared that is CNC machined to accept saddle LiPo packs.  Development work was done by UK National Champion Ellis Stafford and The Big E used the first saddle chassis to win the last National at Eden Park Raceway.  Stafford’s car was visibly faster.

When the X-6 was designed in 2005, LiPos were new and around 3000 mAh, these packs were quite light compared to cells.  However, almost all drivers then used cells, and the X-6 was primarily designed to use a 4 + 2 cell arrangement.  With the mid motor design, this 4 + 2 arrangement concentrated the car’s weight in the centre just ahead of the rear wheels.  When the early LiPos were used, they were so light that a bit of extra weight to the side made little difference.


Now we have 5000 and even 6000 mAh LiPos which are much heavier than the first packs.  The new saddle pack chassis returns to the concentrated mass concept of the original.  The car rolls less in corners and is more balanced in bumpy sections without use of a sway bar.

X Factory’s moulded plastic chassis is CNC machined to Stafford’s design retaining maximum strength while the standard carbon fibre battery strap still fits properly.  Today’s smaller ESCs fit perfectly in front of the saddle packs.  About 60 seconds with a rotary tool in one spot allows the fitment of larger ESCs

#1009 chassis are shipping today to fine hobby stores all over the world and are available now on X Factory’s web site, The retail price of $49.99 for the machined plastic chassis is still less than the original graphite.


Source: X Factory



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