Reedy Wolfpacks With Deans Ultra Plugs Now Available


To satisfy the demands of enthusiasts worldwide, Reedy Wolfpacks are now available equipped with Deans Ultra Plug Connectors in 7-cell flat 8.4V versions. Wolfpacks are assembled using Reedy’s high-tech NiMH sub-C SC-R cells. This exclusive cell features high capacity for extended run times while delivering maximum output thanks to its current carrying capabilities and ultra-low internal resistance. To improve power output, prevent meltdowns, and increase reliability, an industry-standard Deans Ultra Plug connector has been fitted.

To further minimize power-robbing resistance and heat, welded connections between each cell and thick 14AWG silicone power wires ensure maximum performance and reliability.

wolf2 wolf3

Also available is an adapter that allows you to charge your Deans Ultra Plug connector-equipped Wolfpack batteries with chargers that use a Tamiya-style output such as the Reedy 447-S AC/DC 4-7 Cell Charger #610.

  • #609    TAM to DEANS Charge Adapter    $6.99
  • #724    WolfPack 8.4V 3000mAh with DEANS    $62.99
  • #725    WolfPack 8.4V 3600mAh with DEANS    $74.99
  • All Available Now


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