VP’s Renato Tradardi Jr. Wins Venezuelan National Championships

Report by VP PRO Racing


The Venezuelan National Championship 1:8 buggy races are held in a 3-day event starting on Friday when practice was run. Team Manager Renato Tradardi (Father) and mechanic Mr. Juan Forti achieved an excellent setup which was then given to all Team Associated RC8B team drivers.

Saturday saw five ten minute qualifiers to take the top 3. In the first 2 we had several problems with the voltage regulator and we had to change the setup because the rain was coming down now and  giving us some problems. The team nevertheless managed to place two cars directly in the semi-finals.

vpven2 vpven3

On Sunday the finals were run, there were 5 AE team drivers in the semi-finals (Zigras Demetrio, Jose Blanco, Gabriel Pati, Juan Rivas and Manuel Rosendo).

AE in the semi-finals Results:

  • Semi-final A: 1st Renato Jr / 5th Demetrio
  • Semi-final B: 2nd Renato (father) / 6th Jose Blanco

The big problem was the disqualification of Renato A. Tradardi (father) who did not pass the technical inspection of the fuel tank by 1cc, this left him outside the Grand Final.

For the final the rain kept coming down making the track very slippery and heavy, it forced us to further modify the setup of our RC8B giving an excellent car for the final and the result was an excellent victory for Renato Jr. by three laps ahead of second place.


Source: VP PRO Racing



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