Kershaw Designs Leopard Brushless Motors


Kershaw Designs is proud to announce the release Leopard line of 4 pole brushless motors.  You may never have heard of Leopard, but chances are you’ve already driven one of their motors.  Leopard has been the manufacturer behind the scenes for most of the big name RC car and motor makers in the industry.  And now they’ve taken the know-how they’ve gained and introduced their own line of motors. How about…

  • 1)  A GIANT 56mm diameter 1:5 scale motor for only $169.99
  • 2)  An 82mm long motor for monster trucks and truggies that handles 8S LiPo
  • 3)  A 2150KV motor for most all monster truck, truggy and 1:8 scale applications – $89.99
  • 4)  A 2350KV motor created specifically for maximum power from 4S LiPo for $84.99

Multiple KV ratings available and dealer inquiries welcome. For more info, check out the source link below.


Source: Kershaw Designs



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