Shepherd Driver Nak-sung Wins 1:8 On-Road Korean National Champs


On 16 November, the KMRCA (Korea Model Radio Control Car Association) 1:8 On-Road Championship of Korea took place at the Hitec Race Track in Oh-Chang. This is a one-off championship race and the largest race in the country. After three rounds of qualifying, Shepherd Velox V8 drier Nak-suong Choitook TQ whilst team mate Young-jun Kim clocked some very good lap times with his Velox V8.
At the start of the 45-minute final, Nak-suong Choi defended his first position and began to increase the gap to the rest of the field. After a few minutes, it was clear that nobody could drive as fast as him and he increased his lead lap by lap. In the end, he crossed the finishing line in first position six laps in front of second placed driver Nam-sang jun. Young-jun Kim took seventh place and Shepherd team mate Sae-dong Jang was eighth.


1         Choi, Nak-sung            Shepherd/Novarossi
2         Nam, Sang-jun            Serpent/Novarossi
3         Choi, Seung-won         Mugen/Novarossi
4         Hong, Ki-yong             Serpent/Picco
5         Jang, Ji-hwan              Serpent/Max
6         Oh, Sae-yong              Serpent/Novarossi
7         Kim, Young-jun            Shepherd/Picco
8         Jang, Sae-dong            Shepherd/Picco
9         Kwak, Dong-ju             Serpent/Max
10       Choi, Young-sung         Serpent Novarossi

Source: Shepherd

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