Serpent Offset Lightweight Wheel Hexes For Cobra Buggy


Serpent have these new precision machined and threaded anodised light-weight wheel hexagons for the Serpent Cobra buggy. They also include the light-weight / serrated anodised aluminium wheel-nuts and steel pins.

600275_HR 600276_HR

Three different offsets are available offer another tuning item for your high performance Cobra buggy. The wheel hexes will also decrease unsprung weight and thus increase performance and stability.

  • 600274     Wheel hexagon light – 2mm/nut/pin (2)
  • 600275     Wheel hexagon light – 1mm/nut/pin (2)
  • 600276     Wheel hexagon light – 0mm/nut/pin (2)


Source: Serpent



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