Hot Bodies TCX 1:10 Electric Competition Touring Car


Welcome to the next level in touring car performance. The all new HB-TCX kit drops the hammer on the competition with an earth shattering list of features the competition can’t compete with.  Hot Bodies’ new narrow bulkhead design coupled with an elongated upper camber link centralises the weight allowing the chassis to flex and improve handling.




Chassis weight distribution is 50/50 keeping racers from having to add weights to balance the car. Less weight equals greater acceleration and reduces breaking distance. The end result is a car that carries maximum corner speed.




  • 50/50 centralised chassis weight distribution optimises chassis balance and improves handling
  • Centralised motor position optimises lateral weight distribution and improves handling
  • LiPo/Life ready chassis layout optimises electronic mounting locations for better weight distribution
  • Narrow bulkheads improve overall traction and cornering performance
  • 20T centre pulley improves acceleration and maximises drive-train efficiency
  • Dual link steering system gives a more linear steering response
  • One piece upper deck optimises chassis rigidity for improved corner speed
  • Variable front and rear shock mounting positions provide numerous tuning options
  • Long front aluminium universal driveshafts improve chassis stability and increase traction
  • Narrow main chassis maximises traction and cornering performance
  • 3mm Ceramic diff balls deliver super smooth and efficient diff performance



TCX Specification

  • Length: 365mm
  • Width: 190mm
  • Wheelbase: 258-262mm
  • Weight: 1350g




#68700       HB-TCX KIT      $930.00


Source: HPI Racing



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