An Interview with Serpent’s Nicolas Rodriguez



French driver Nicolas Rodriguez has joined Serpent to drive their Cobra S811 buggy. Here is an interview carried out with the new signing:

Serpent: What made you decide to join Serpent?
Nicolas Rodriguez: One of reasons that I switched is the strong relation that I have with Stéphane Jouvel (RB) – many great memories! I wanted to have a new challenge, because i am not sure of my level with my car at this moment. After many tests this summer, it was very good and I see the results of “ Jo Bac” and “Chef Chef”, my new team mate, which convinced me. I know the quality of Serpent products and I think its is a good challenge for me and for next season with new objectives.

S: When did you start RC racing and with which car?
NR: I started racing in the begining of 2003 with a Laro Rush and an OPS engine.

S: How old are you, what is your job and status?
NR: I am 32 years old and I don’t work at the moment as I look after my baby daughter. LOL

S: What food do you like most.?
NR: Aligot – it’s a French speciality from the Aveyron region.



S: What car do you drive and the road and what would be your ideal car?
NR: A daddy car from Renault that breaks down a lot LOL. I would like to have an Audi RS6 to make it easy to get to the races.

S: Who is your favourite F1 driver and why?
NR: No favourite F1 driver, but many in Moto GP and motocross.

S: What’s your best result ever?
NR: I finished second at the Euros Warm-up 2005 and second at the Euro Championships behind Davide Tortoricci held at Reims in France. I won the French Cup in 2006.

S: Which big races or series do you pla to attend in the future?
NR: GP Pierrefeu, GP Montpellier, Regional championships, French National, French Cup, EFRA races, Euros warm-up, European Championships and many other races.

S: What equipment are you running for tyres, engines, electronics?
: I used RB engines, Ace servos, Sanwa transmitter. Tyres are undecided but probablt AKA and ProCircuit.

What’s your opinion on the Cobra S811 car so far?
NR: It’s easy to drive, good motricity and the new design makes it easily recogniseable on the track.

Source: Serpent

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