Tamiya M-06 PRO Chassis Kit

Following the release of the FWD M-05, Tamiya has now announced the all-new RWD M-06 PRO chassis. An obvious change is the polycarbonate resin bathtub chassis which displays superb torsional strength. The layout features a longitudinally-mounted battery, which improves overall weight distribution. The motor is placed at the rear for an RR (Rear-motor, Rear-drive) set-up, which offers excellent rear-end stability for improved grip.


Just like the M-05, a great feature of the M-06 is that you have the choice to assemble three wheelbase lengths: 210mm, 225mm, and 239mm. The M-06 PRO chassis comes equipped with full ball-bearing specifications, CVA dampers (clear), and a variety of Option Parts to enhance handling. With the longitudinal position of the battery, weight distribution does not drastically change even when you install different types of batteries such as LF and NiCd batteries. Servo, ESC, and receiver are placed on either side of the battery for optimum balance. You can change the wheelbase length by simply changing the assembly of rear section parts.


Rear End

The RR chassis features the motor and gearbox mounted at the rear which ensures ample traction to the drive wheels. Like the M-05 chassis, three wheelbase lengths are possible by simply changing the assembly of the rear section. In addition, long rear upper arms and lay down rear dampers offer great stability and handling.



The front end shares the same steering parts as the M-05, making it possible for you to use many M-05 Option Parts. The M-06 PRO is equipped with a Hi-Torque Servo Saver and a rich assortment of aluminium parts including a horn for hi-torque servo saver, a steering link, steering posts, and turnbuckle steering rods to provide sharp steering response.


Source: Tamiya



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