Durango DNX408 – Fast at the Worlds


Team Durango has made the following statement on their return from the World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand:

Durango DNX408 – Fast enough to win the World Title. Shipping now.

“On its first major outing as production spec, the DNX408 proved it had the raw pace and toughness to win the world title. Only bad luck with none chassis related issues put the cars out early. Everyone has reasons why they did not make it to the main final, but few can say they topped the lap times three rounds out of six – see the quote below. Few can say they had this pace when the track was slick and also later when it started to rough up. Few can claim a top two finish for a round at a world champs when taking it easy. Few can claim zero car related DNF’s for the whole week. Ryan Lutz driving the all new Team Durango DNX408 for only the third time, can make that claim.
Many people wrote Lutz off before the event, saying things like “it’s too close to the worlds to change car”, but Ryan’s raw talent and the raw pace of the new Durango car were plain to see. For example – Ryan set the third fastest lap time for the whole finals Sunday, only beaten by Tebo and King, not bad for an early morning run. Durango would like to congratulate everyone who made the final at the toughest RC race ever and especially Cody for an awesome drive by a true Champion. We hope to be there next time round.



There were seven DNX408’s at the IFMAR worlds, two factory drivers (Ryan and Hupo), Gerd the man behind Durango and four lucky customers. On this car killer track we had ZERO chassis related “did not finish’s” which is something we are very proud of. Everyone loved the way the car handled (safe but quick) and were surprised how much punishment it could take.

Ryan Lutz was always on the pace with the production DNX408, as reported by RedRC – “Having set the fastest lap in both of the qualifiers yesterday, Lutz again was the quickest man over a single lap but this time he backed it up with a good ten-minute pace.” (placing second overall in the round behind Tebo) “….he ran as conservative as he possibly could and that while it goes against his natural driving instinct it is really the only way to post a competitive time around this track.”

The DNX408 is leaving the factory now and is expected to be in the shops, around the world, on the 29 November.”

Source: Durango

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