Frank Hättich is 2010 VRC 1:10 World Champion


Germany’s Frank Hättich has won the 2010 World Championship 1:10 after setting 161 laps in 45:00.881. The event hosted 370 international racers running a total of 4889 individual race sessions, making it one of the biggest RC events in history. This was his second title in the category and had this to say after his victory. “Thanks for all your congrats! To defend my Worlds title successfully is the perfect ending of a perfect VRC year for me. Many thanks to all the friends who have helped me whenever I needed help, especially Tobias, Sebastian, Chris and Vasilis. Congrats to Stefan and Sebastian for your great performances in the final! Now I’m very much looking forward to meet you all again in VRC Pro.”
Stefan Andersson finished in second place under ten seconds behind Frank. Andersson had already demonstrated in the past that he is definitely among the top five best VRC 1:10 drivers in the World after finishing fifth in the 2009 World Championship, third at the 2009 Nations Cup and second at the 2010 Winternats 1:10 and 1:8. Completing the podium, with a well deserved third place was Sebastian Bürge from Germany. Bürge improved himself by one position compared to last year’s World Championship climbing from fourth to third place. Together with Hättich and Tobias Brunke, Bürke made sure Germany was well represented in the final, that took place on an Italian track. Interestingly, the Italians have fought back at the 2010 World Championship 1:8 (Sao Paulo) that is running at this very moment. Italy has dominated the qualification rounds so far by claiming the top three positions with two Germans in fourth and fifth.


Looking at the rest of the 1:10 event on the enclosed diagram, we see how incredibly close the Italians Mingotti and Parisi, and German driver Brunke came in respectively fourth, fifth and sixth with less than 0.67 seconds splitting them over the 45-minute battle.
The VRC competition committee would like to thank everybody who participated in the 2010 World Championship 1:10 for their contribution and sportive racing attitude, and they wish that you will enjoy lots of racing progress in 2011. They hope to see you put your RC skills to the ultimate test in next year’s World Championship 1:10 at VRC Pro!

You can read a full report from the event by clicking here.

Source: VRC

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