NovaGear Version 1.1 Now Available


Novak has released a new version of their NovaGear App. NovaGear has become popular amongst racers as an easy way to calculate gearing recommendations for their vehicles. The application, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch also includes other exciting features such as providing Internal Drive Ratio, Final Drive Ratio and Rollout to drivers. The newest version called NovaGear 1.1 increases the number of vehicles to choose from and still has the customisable profile option for cars not yet supported by the App. This updated NovaGear application now has the ability to store up to ten gearing profile for drivers to save and recall later. Novak feel that this App for Apple products is a must have for anyone involved in the RC industry, from dealers to drivers. You can download the newest version of NovaGear by clicking here or visit the Novak website (link below) for full details.

Source: Novak

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