Voltz NiMH Battery Additions


Voltz batteries continue to expand their range with some these NiMH packs for transmitters, receivers, micro and Traxxas applications. The range aims to offer a quality battery pack at a good price.


VZ0014 Voltz 2400mAh Stick Pack 7.2V (Tamiya connector)
VZ0022 Voltz 5300mAh Saddle Pack 7.2V (Tamiya connector)
VZ0035 Voltz 5300mAh Stick Pack 8.4V (Traxxas connector)
VZ0036 Voltz 5300mAh Hump Pack 8.4V (Traxxas connector)
VZ0050 Voltz 1600mAh Straight Pack 7.2V
VZ0150 Voltz 2000mAh Flat Battery 4.8V
VZ0180 Voltz 2000mAh Flat Battery 9.6V

Source: CML Distribution

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