Kevin Lee To Race for Kyosho


Kyosho has announce that Kevin Lee has signed to their 1:10 off-road UK team and will be running the new Lazer FS2 SP in 4WD and will continue with the Kyosho-based Vega in 2WD. As well as winning many Nationals, Kevin is a multiple European Championship A finalist and his skills and knowledge will be a big asset to the team. This is what Kevin had to say:

“I’ve always been a big Kyosho fan ever since running the original Lazer ZX a long time ago as a teenager. After running the Vega RB5 SP2 in 2011, I have been converted back and now can’t wait to start running the Kyosho Lazer once again, some 20 years later. It’s an honour to be able to represent one of the most respected RC manufacturers in the world, and I hope to be able to contribute to the results of an already successful race team.”

Source: Kyosho

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