RCS Graphic Worx Reducer, Peel and Paint and Liquid Mask


RCS Graphic Worx have been busy with some new items. First up is the new Reducer for water-based paints such as Parma Faskolor and Createx. It comes in a handy 125ml sized bottle and RCS claim it as a must for all water-based users. Next up is the latest in the range of Peel and Paint masks – a mesh effect that sis supplied on two A4 sheets. Finally, there is their ultra successful Liquid Paint Mask now in a super sized 32oz bottle for those who like to spray and mask a lot.


RCS-WBR004  Waterbased Reducer (125ml) – £5.99
RCS-PM017    Peel and Paint Mesh FX Paint Masks (two A4 sheets) – £5.99
RCS-LM004    RCS Liquid Mask (4oz bottle) – £6.79
RCS-LM008    RCS Liquid Mask (8oz bottle) – £9.99
RCS-LM016    RCS Liquid Mask (16oz bottle) – £13.99
RCS-LM032    RCS Liquid Mask (32oz bottle) – £25.99

Source: X-Factory UK

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