Schumacher and Sorex Chosen To Supply TC Worlds Tyres


Schumacher/Sorex have announced as the official supplier of the control tyre for the 2012 IFMAR 1:10 Touring Car World Championships that will take place at the Heemstede track in the Netherlands.  The official tyre for dry conditions is the XG-36SR that uses the Sorex 36 tyre, red medium insert and Schumacher Stiff light wheel. It was chosen by the club’s organising committee and was endorsed by IFMAR “based on its excellent wear resistant reputation.” For wet conditions, its the XG-RAIN that sees a Pit Shimizu D01J tyre combined with a yellow soft insert and Schumacher Revlight wheel.

XG-36SR Sorex Glued 36R/Red Insert/Stiff Light Wheel (4)
XG-RAIN Shimizu D01J Wet Pre-Glued (4)

Source: Schumacher

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