Jared Tebo Takes TQ and the Win at Neo12


AKA team driver Jared Tebo dominated at Neo12. He started off with grabbing the TQ and securing the first position on the grid for the finals with Super Soft Impacts and Gridirons tyres. Next up was the Dash 4 Cash which was a ten-minute race for the top 12 drivers with the top three winning a cash prize. The catch was the starting grid was reverse order. TQ, Tebo started all the way in the back, but worked his way through half the field on the first lap and stepped out into the lead after lap six and never looked back. For this he used Super Soft Impacts.
Fort eh 45-minute final, Tebo lead the breakaway lead pack including Tessmann and Maifield. Extraordinary fuel mileage for Tebo helped, but it was being the most consistently fast driver that put him on top of the podium for his fourth Neo championship and a clean sweep for the week. In the final, Jared’s Kyosho was equipped with Super Soft Gridirons.

Source: AKA

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