Xray Updates the RX8 for 2012


Xray have released details of the 2012 version of the RX8. The 2012 spec of the RX8 brings forth all the best from the RX8 platform and adds several refinements and improvements to make the already successful car even more reliable and have increased performance and handling. New features include:

•    New narrower chassis with more cutouts
•    New radio plate helps to increase traction, steering and flex
•    New clutch system gives increased durability
•    Clutch feature stronger and stiffer clutch bell, yellow shoes and flat flywheel
•    New conical clutch washers for consistent performance
•    New front and rear arms with integrated extensions for optimised shock mounting
•    New narrower front lower and upper arms for more steering
•    New steering blocks feature extensions for new optimised Ackerman positions
•    New super lightweight two-speed shaft for increased durability and reliability

Source: Xray

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