Smokem Racing T3MX for Xray T3’12


This is Smokem Racing’s new T3MX chassis for the popular Xray T3’12 electric touring car. The manufacturer claims that the 2.25mm thick chassis has been designed to provide additional flex, delivering more grip and a wider tuning window. This allows you to dial-in your car over a wider range of temperature and track conditions. The new T3MX design features distinctive curved profile cutouts which alters the flex characteristics of the chassis compared to the stock Xray design. Because of this, the T3MX delivers unparalleled chassis response during quick direction changes and turn-in, while maintaining maximum rear traction. The Smokem T3MX is suitable for all Xray T3-series electric tourers running the Xray dual bell crank steering system with horizontal servo orientation.

Source: Smokem Racing

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