Sonic Announce Ielasi-Tuned V.12T On-Road Engine


New from Sonic is the Ielasi-tuned version of their V.12T 2.11cc engine. Iealsi tuned engines are based on the top of the range Sonic V engines that are then hand modified by former World and European Champion Daniele Ielasi. Years of experience and a great passion for nitro racing allow the Sonic factory driver to make a good product even better. The crankshaft has even more aggressive timing for an improved performance while maintaining a very efficient fuel consumption realised by an optimised fuel flow. Special tear-drop work at the sleeve improves the fuel flow furthermore helping to reduce inner turbulence.

and-modified by factory driver Daniele Ielasi
Hard chromed three-port sleeve with special “tear-drop work”
Polished and modified 12mm turbo crankshaft with silicon insert
CNC machined flat piston
Aerodynamic “knife edged” connecting rod
Turbo combustion chamber with cooling fin
Lightweight cooling head for low centre of gravity
Modified back plate for improved fuel flow
12mm high quality Swiss main bearing
Composite slide valve carburettor
5.4mm aluminium venturi

Source: Sonic

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