Wouter Wynen Signs for X Factory


X Factory have announced that Wouter Wynen, recent winner of the Belgian GP has signed to drive for the American company through to the end of 2013. “I’m so happy to have Wouter on the team at last,” said company spokesman Chazz Sinclair. “He has been a top competitor in the BeNeLux series and all over Europe for many years. We are glad to have his knowledge and experience working for us. We have wanted him to join us for more than a year, and expect him to be a great help developing and testing new products.”
Wouter said, “I tested several different cars this spring in preparation for the BeNeLux series and the GP, both mid and rear motor, on both astro and dirt. The X-6 Squared is not the newest of them, but is clearly fastest on all surfaces. Smooth and collected, very easy to control, especially in corners and over bumps. I was truly amazed at the difference.
I’m also happy to join my fast friends Bruno “Elvo” Heremans and Stefan Mesker. I have raced with them for several years, know them, and respect them both; it’s an honour to join with them. I also respect X Factory’s commitment to win everywhere in the world. “Many others will join me in saying I can’t wait to get my hands on an X-7!”

Photo courtesy www.oople.com

Source: X Factory

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