JConcepts Finnisher Now Available for the Yokomo B-Max2


JConcepts latest Finnisher body is for the Yokomo B-Max2. It features an increased windshield angle, forward cab placement and simplified side-pods whilst the chassis to body fit has been tightened up which eliminates empty voids that contribute to mid-flight directional changes. The rear of the cab has a new step feature which allows the placement of a secondary side window and also a louver which can be trimmed to allow air to escape at the top of the body.
In addition to the newly designed body, JConcepts has included two of the latest 6.5″ wide Hi-Clearance rear wings. This design has been used to win multiple races around the world and used by Ryan Maifield to take the TQ in the 4WD class and secure second place in the 2WD class at the 2011 IFMAR World Championships.

#0236 JConcepts Illuzion Finnisher for Yokomo B-Max2

Source: JConcepts

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