ecx-ECX03000-CircuitThe ECX range has been updated for 2013 and shown off at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The 2.0 versions now feature new bodies and styling, as well as Dynamite power packaged and Spektrum radio equipment. The Circuit 2WD 1:10 stadium truck comes in two colour choices with a one-hour, 2A wall charger, waterproof Dynamite 15T speed control and Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz radio system with water resistant Spektrum SR201 receiver.

ecx-ECX03002-ruckusThe Ruckus monster truck specification now boast the same Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz radio and SR201 water resistant receive as the Circuit along with a powerful 15T Dynamite motor and mains charger. Adding to the presence of the truck are new larger wheels and tyres and an updated body design with a choice of two-tone schemes.

ecx-ECX03004-BoostThe Boost was a popular buggy with its simple but proven 2WD design. The 2.0 now boasts Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz radio system with water resistant receiver, a waterproof servo, 2A one hour peak charger with single button operation, 15T waterproof Dynamite electronic speed control, Dynamite 20T 540 motor and 1800mAh 7.2V Dynamite SpeedPack NiMH Battery with Hi-Current EC3 connector.

ecx-ECX03006-TormentThe final model in the range is the Torment SCT and this has the same features as the Boost buggy including the Spektrum and Dynamite equipment. Also supplied as standard just like the 2WD buggy are oil-filled shocks, painted and decaled body and a 2WD transmission including gear differential.

ECX03000i Circuit Blue 2WD 1:10 Stadium Truck
ECX03001i Circuit Black/Silver 2WD 1:10 Stadium Truck
ECX03002i Ruckus Black/Silver 2WD 1:10 Monster Truck
ECX03003i Ruckus Green/Black 2WD 1:10 Monster Truck
ECX03004i Boost Red 2WD 1:10 Buggy
ECX03005i Boost Green 2WD 1:10 Buggy
ECX03006i Torment Blue/Silver 2WD 1:10 SCT
ECX03007i Torment Green/Black 2WD 1:10 SCT

Source: Horizon Hobby UK

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