VTR01001-kalahariThe first major announcement at the 2013 Toy Fair took place on the Horizon Hobby stand where they introduced for the first time in public the new Vaterra brand of RC vehicles. The Vaterra line-up included everything from 4WD rock racers and rallycross cars, to licensed reproductions of exotic sports coupes and American muscle cars. The first model is the Kalahari, inspired by one of the world’s most hostile and varied environments. The multi-purpose, 4WD mini-scale Desert Raider is designed to take the rough with the smooth and deal with variation in terrain. Based on a shaft driven 4WD driveline, its powered by a 4500kV brushless motor with a Speedpack 1200mAh battery pack. Other features include a Spektrum DX2L transmitter and mains 2A charger. The Rally Raid inspired body shell is contoured to enable full upward travel without restriction and really sets the model off with matching off-road wheels and tyres.

VTR01000-kamoraIf WRC or global rallycross is your thing, then Vaterra’s Kemora will have huge appeal. Supplied as a complete RTR vehicle, it comes as a pre-assembled 4WD platform and finished with a Spektrum DX2L transmitter, waterproof two-channel receiver and steering servo along with a waterproof Dynamite Fuze speed control that’s capable of handling a 3S 11.1V LiPo. A 2A NiMH mains charger plus a Dynamite Speedpack 7.2V 1200mAh NiMH battery and Dynamite Fuze 4500kV motor complete the specification. The look draws upon the rich European heritage of rallycross to provide a sharply styled, European 4WD hatchback bodied vehicle. Short front and rear overhangs maximise attack angles and minimise body deflection. A driver figure and interior cockpit moulding finish off the look whilst helping to shield the driveline and electronics from debris off the wheels.

VTR03000-twin-hammersThe third model is the Twin Hammers that Vaterra state is a “new form of RC off-road all terrain vehicle.” The focus of this rock racer means it can traverse the flat open expanse of desert floor at sped before scrambling over obstacles and clambering through rock strewn passes. Using a 4WD transmission for ultimate grip and traction, it is then possible to select the low range gearing option allowing it become a great crawling vehicle. The two-speed transmission can be manually shifted whilst on-the-fly via the supplied Spektrum DX3E transmitter. In low range, Twin Hammers has all the capability associated with a 1.9 class rock crawler with its solid rear axle and differential-equipped front gearbox whilst in high range, it has buggy-like performance for higher speed runs. Though dimensionally smaller than other 2.2″ wheeled crawlers, Twin Hammers still has over 50mm of ground clearance and its lower, purposeful stance serves to improve its side-hilling and handling characteristics thanks to its lower centre of gravity. Styling-wise, there are multiple Lexan body panels around a polymer tuber-style exo-skeletal roll cage. Push-rod front suspension enables the shock absorbers to be horizontally mounted away from the dirt and debris without sacrificing any of its essential wheel travel. Waterproof electronics enhance the go-anywhere appeal of the Twin Hammers whilst the Speedpack 2000mAh LiPo battery pack will offer plenty of run time allied to the 15T brushed motor system.

VTR03006-69The V100-S is a truing car platform designed with flexibility in mind. The flexibility of the chassis means its possible for Vaterra to tweak the wheelbase and dimensions for perfect scale representation. Multi-part body tooling produce undercuts and shapes, whilst details like brake discs, wing mirrors, bumpers and realistic wheels complete the look.

VTR3007-12The 1:10 scale saloon platform is based around a 4WD, shaft transmission system, equipped with geared differentials housed within a sealed drivetrain and transmission tunnel with an inline-mounted 15T brushed motor. This concept is designed to offer a balanced, neutral handling and confidence-inspiring package, with the potential to customise and personalise from a wide range of tuning options.

VTR03004-nissanInside the box is a Spektrum DX2E steerwheel radio along with four AA batteries, a Dynamite Speedpack 1800mAh NiMH battery and mains 2A charger. The first three body sets to be released in the V100-S chassis are a 2012 Nissan GTR, 1969 Camaro RS and 2012 Camaro ZL1 – all of which are officially licensed with great detailing. Glamis Uno is the final piece in the launch line-up and a true American inspired chassis.

VTR04000-glamis-unoStyled as a 2WD sand rail, the Glamis is a 1:8 scale buggy with stunning looks and performance to match. At the heart of the Glamis is an extruded chassis that protects the internals including the waterproof electronics. A four-pole 3300kV brushless motor provides huge amounts of torque, driven through the rear wheels via a viscous ring differential that was developed to harness the power from the brushless system and minimise unwanted wheelspin. Large, oil-filled shock absorbers adorn each corner and ensure that Glamis remains controlled whilst in contact with the ground and handles all the abuse from jumps and rough track conditions. Control comes from a Spektrum DX2L 2.4GHz DSM radio system with power supplied by a Speedpack 3000mAh 2S LiPo battery pack. Beadlocks, simulated running lights, moulded roll cage and spoiler completes the authentic sand rail look.

VTR03004 2012 Nissan GTR Touring Car RTR
VTR03006 1969 Camaro RS Touring Car RTR
VTR03007 2012 Camaro ZL1 Touring Car RTR
VTR01000I 1:14 Kemora 4WD Rallycross RTR
VTR01001I 1:14 Kalahari 4WD Desert Raider RTR
VTR03000I 1:10 Twin Hammers 4WD Rock Racer RTR
VTR03004I 1:10 2012 Nissan GT-R 4WD Touring Car RTR
VTR03006I 1:10 1969 Camaro RS 4WD Touring Car RTR
VTR03007I 1:10 2012 Camaro ZL1 4WD Touring Car RTR
VTR04000I 1:8 Glamis Uno 2WD Buggy RTR

Don’t miss the March issue of Racer, on sale 6 February where we have an exclusive insight into the new brand whilst our April issue will have the very first UK review of the Glamis Uno!

Source: Horizon Hobby UK

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